learned this week

I cannot play a song I hate with the same feeling as a song I like. No matter how hard I practice.

Parenthood does not come naturally for me.

The yellow flowers on the corner are still brightly alive after a few nights of freezing temperatures.

I cannot hide my emotions. No matter how hard I try.

It's a lemon bush, not tree.

The lemons keep getting bigger.

My neighbor's health is a lot worse than I thought.

A girl needs girlfriends, many of them.

I really really love to wear my big, brown Etnies shoes. Even though the other moms might look at them funny.

I think I really like my neighborhood, afterall. I'm pretty lucky to live here.

Making someone else smile meant a lot more to me that day than self-pity.

Laughing with a friend is better than the best chocolate. I am glad for those calls. Funny friends are tops with me.

New Order isn't so bad.

I can rearrange my calendar and To Do list this month in a way that will subside the stress.

Running a household is a lot like running a business. I knew this before, but had to remind myself of this when prioritizing and reviewing projects, budgets, and scheduling 'meetings'.

Sunshine makes a big difference in my day.

I want to be better at certain things.

I know I can.