shiver and shake

I know, get over it Liz. But I was a little too excited to fill out my "Did you feel it?" report on-line about the little earthquake. The process cemented my awareness of the mildness I felt when I had to answer the following questions with no:

Did you take action
(i.e. stand under a doorway)?
Objects fall off shelves?
Pictures on walls move?
Masonry crack or fall?
Appliances or furniture
become displaced or tip over?
Chimney become dislodged?
Light fixtures fall?
Windows cracked or broken ?
Separation of porch or balcony?
Earth suck you into a giant trench?*
Have a heart attack?*
Home turn to rubble
and dust around your feet?*
Cry in fear?*
Wish you lived somewhere else?*
You are a big wuss.

I was a little too eager
to finally answer yes to the following:

Did other people in the room feel it?
Did you hear creaking?
Were objects in the room swaying?
Did you over-react?*
Search on-line
to confirm it was what you really felt?*
Think about emergency preparedness
kit you never put together?*
You would never have been be a tough pioneer gal.

*okay so i added some of my own questions, so what.
** not my pic