won't you be my neighbor

It takes moving into a new development, the builder losing their lender, losing the land, waiting until the land is up for auction a year later, getting a new lender, then getting the land back, and returning to the half build house next to us to appreciate the arrival of a port-a-potty. Oh glorious potty, we are delighted to have you as you give shelter to the wonderful men that will be completing the eye sore of a half build home next to my dwelling.
Construction is finally moving again in my little neighborhood of tumbleweeds.

I plan to document each and every little change as they move closer to completing the spec home. Notice in these shots they started one day with removing the boards from the entrances. I broke a bottle of wine on the door frame that day like a ship to set sail. Then they bulldozed away the weeds the following day. Yesterday they placed the beloved potty.

And the funny thing about tumbleweeds I have learned is they look all bad and mighty rolling around with their thorns and whatnot. But when you drive over them, bracing yourself for all sorts of undercar rumblings, they actually crumble into twigs and powder. I found that fascinating.