summer time

I'm not much of a shoe crazy kind of girl. But sometimes I snoop the shoe section and find some gems I love. Remember it's summer in Arizona, it was 115 degrees today. So you have to either be in a pool or in a mall. No other options.

I am liking the look of some of the Gianni Bini sandals. This below is their "Hampton".
I love this one below for a little hot church action paired with a fitted black skirt.

I got these Antonio Melani "Boardwalk" flips and I love them.
This is their "Lexie" if you need a nice flat for the work scene, these would look awesome with a nice pair of Banana Republic Martin style work pants. Or you could bust it out as a Sister Missionary look for church.

These Nurture "Hawkins" are pretty rad -I imagine them with a dark denim skirt or white sundress.

And the Coco Chanel Mademoiselle Eau De Toilette is delicious. It smells so good when I wear it I could just make out with myself.