augusta georgia late september

I joined the year 1904 and got an ipod. Having such easy access to all my music is like having wings.


At the gym today I stumbled upon Rock the Reception. The station TLC has a show expert choreographers Tabitha D'umo and Napoleon D'umo create outrageous wedding dances that the guests are not expecting during the bride and groom's first dance. I love how it changes the vibe of the boring old wedding routine and also watching the reaction of the guests. I love how concerned and confused they start out and then it turns to excitement and cheering.

Here is one I saw, but it's a home video version. The TLC version of this is way better, but I can't find it.

Mike's brother Nick would have been perfect on this show for his wedding!

And. It's even more awesome watching it while listening to PWEI and pretending they are dancing to cool music.