two boys and a girl

Sometimes in the middle of the day while I am busy doing 7 things at once I stop and see something that reminds me of where I am at in my life. Today it was catching a little glance at their three dinner drinks on the counter. Three tiny people depend on me each day to get them clean, dressed, fed, entertained, loved, taught, nurtured, and guided through the day. I'm glad I get to do it even though it's hard sometimes and tiring and it seems like the day might be dragging. One day they aren't going to be little anymore and I will miss the tending to; or so I imagine. Tonight I relished the fact that they each wanted and let me sing them to sleep. They each had some one on one time with me as I gave them special attention sweeping hair away from faces and kissing cheeks. Someday there won't be any sippy cups and they won't want anything to do with mom putting them to bed.


This picture of Evan makes me laugh out loud for so many reasons.

A) The lounging around like a prince snacking on olives and being entertained. The Life I tell you!

B) The first time he wore this Happy Camper shirt he went camping with his dad. Every time I put it on him now he asks in a really excited voice 'am I going camping!" Every time I have to disappoint him and tell him no. Sometimes I hesitate choosing the shirt because he gets so happy right when he is about to ask and I hate to burst his bubble. I guess we need to get a shirt that says Happy TV Watcher.

C) Somehow each day he wakes up his bangs keep getting shorter. I have no idea how this happens.

D) Every day he wants to eat a can of black olives. It's now my currency for him. If you say 'dammit' again, Evan, no black olives for you!