I like to wear my husband's running shorts to the gym. It makes me smile. The first time I was so confused at all this extra fabric inside like over stretched underwear. But then I realized it was the built-in penis pouch. It swings like a pendulum between my legs while I run. It makes me miss him. And the things we do. When he's in town. And the lights are dim.

We have this insane clown posse ant farm scattered in our yard. That does not make me smile.


My friend from CA Jen blogged about her goal last summer to do something fun every day. It rocked, check it out here. I had a newborn so I basically spent the summer nursing the baby and putting on movies for my boys. THIS summer I have vowed to do something fun each day. Some days might be going to the pool or a children's museum, while others might be more low key like making cookies, getting ice cream, or building forts. I try to incorporate friends as much as possible to keep the social skills developing for the kids. I am enjoying summer and relishing the extra time (albeit trying at times) I have with Zane out of school to find teaching moments with him during the day and soaking up his laugh right along with the other two.