another conf talk

Yesterday I ended a long, exhausting day with a quick read of a conference talk. I was glad I flipped to this one by Cheryl C. Lant (former Primary General President) after feeling so emotionally drained teaching my children manners, consequences, how to play nice, and eating nutritionally. It was a day where I felt they fought and tested me every step of the way. I don't have many days like that, but man when I do I collapse into the bed at night and think about what I handled well and what I could have handled better for the sake of teaching my kids. I might have even shed a couple of tears telling Mike about the day and how I wished so badly that better choices had been made so it could have been filled with more fun and less time-out management.

As I read her talk I thought about how much my kids need me to continue to teach them about Christ and how to live like Him; be a better example.

I loved the part of her talk that reads:

Now, I would ask you to look around you at those you love. This is what matters most—our families. I am sure that more than anything, you want this family to be yours eternally. The account in 3 Nephi can help us bring our children to Him because it gives us a pattern to follow. First, we must love the Lord with all our hearts, and we must love our children. Second, we must become a worthy example to them by continually seeking the Lord and striving to live the gospel. Third, we must teach our children the gospel and how to live its teachings.

Following this pattern to bring our children to the Savior is a process. Let’s look at the pattern again. First, we must learn how to love the Lord and our families. This takes time, experience, and faith. It requires selfless service. Then, as we are filled with the love of the Lord, we can love. He might weep over what we do, but He loves us and is always there to help us. That is how we must learn to love our children.


I remembered my whole day had been filled with selfless service- that's just the job of being a mom.
I felt comforted when I read how the Lord might weep over what we do, just as I sometimes weep myself over the things my children do. But I love them and will always be here to help them gaining experience and growing faith all the while.


photo by Beka Lowe of Lowe Photography.