January Picture Pages

I found this little gem on the kitchen counter all day. It made me smile.
Pretending to be Prince Ali from the movie Aladdin.

Loves to run away from me wrapped in his towel after bath.

When we lived in Brooklyn with cats, no kids, the phone would ring. Normally the kittens would be nestled into one of our laps so we started to say 'I'm covered in cats!' and the other person would laugh, but sigh as it would mean it was their turn to get up off the couch and walk aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way across our 2x4x2 livingroom to get the phone. Now we say 'I'm covered in kids!'

When he screams at me and the glasses in the kitchen shatter and whales cry at the pain of the pitch, I sternly tell my 16 month old to go into his room to scream. He locks eyes, takes a deep breath, and walks to his room. This is what I find every time.

His brother wore this shirt when he was two:


This is pretty much the circus act we take in public several times a week.
I really get paid too much to hang out with these characters.

Still fits nicely under the kitchen counter.

Can't forget the little girl. She loves gummy worms this month. This is also the time during pregnancy when the back turns away from a woman's regular shape, but into more of a thick keilbasa sausage shape. Mama the Walking Sausage. And the stride, well it's become like a cowboy strut. Call me Billy the Sausage Kid. Watch out wild west.

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