the wonderful, fabulous, so good, amazing day

Have you read the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? It's a cute little children's book all about this rough day this little boy is having and no one seems to notice. I have had days like that where everything seems to bug me or be a lot less convenient than usual. I know my kids must have days like that where they feel like they are always getting in trouble or bumping into something or spilling things.
I thought about how fun it would be to create for each of them their own little book each year about what makes a wonderful, fabulous, so good, amazing day for them. They each have such simple pleasures it's easy to think of how to make a day great for them.
For Evan, pretty much eating seems to be his favorite thing. Any kind of food any time of day. Also, he is quite thrilled to drink through a straw. Any outdoor activity makes it a super day for him and mom playing cars with him. Most of all, hanging out with his dad.
Zane has a great day if one of the following is involved: pizza, pancakes, or cheeseburger. Also a fan of playing outdoors, building or baking something with mom, rock band, or light sabers with his dad.
I look forward to reviewing 2008 photos to collect images of endless favorites for them that year and remembering the things they were excited about at ages they will never again return to.

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