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Stealing from Cookie Nesting Blog's top ten homes of the year, I want to point out the little details I love about some of the pictures in the homes. They are giving me good ideas about my slow moving plans for many of the rooms in my own home. Isn't this how people figure things out and get ideas?

1) We could use a rack like this next to our bed for novels, some kid books and magazines that gets rotated out often.

2) I enjoy the crisp and clean feeling of the simple decorations in this kitchen.

3) I adore this old skool rope used to hang art work. Very creative and playful.

4) It's important for me to remember what while planning our office space, shelves for items besides books will be important. I like how organized, uniform and attractive this display is.
5) The laundry hampers. Beautiful. It would be fun to add a funky (laminated) tag to each for DARKS and WHITES and BRIGHTS to help kids know where to put the soiled clothing. Attached with thick twine or a giant wooden clothes pin.
6) This display reminds me of the importance of being aware of what my kids' interests are and showing support by finding creative ways to display their goods. Be it rocks, dinos, caps, or action figures.
7) This bench rocks. We have a great space in our foyer carved out for a nice bench like this, perhaps one padded with dark brown leather or stained wood a darker color?
8) Brown + Blue = True Love Always
Note: Various photographers took these photos and are credited on the Cookie Nesting site linked above.
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