once i ran to you. now i run from you

I'm sort of tired of playlist right now, so I'll make you work for the music I am enjoying in the event you want to hear it. And by work for it I mean to click the link instead of turning on your computer speakers. Fair? Fair.


Although it probably won't make our list, I think Anberlin would be a really cool girl name.

I like the sound. More edge and testosterone coming through than much of what I have been listening to lately. The drummer inspires me. I bet I can play this song.

See vid here for Feel Good Drag.


Coconut Records

Just hearts. Sweetness. Soft. Gentle. Rainy day music. Pretty.

Vid for West Coast here. This song makes me wish I could put myself in Mike's suitcase.


She Wants Revenge

Reminds me of Interpol mixed up with some 80's beats.

Joaquin Phoenix directed Tear You Apart. Not the best video ever. Actually kind of ruins the song. So just listen with your eyes closed.

Here is the vid for True Romance.

I keep waiting for the chorus of Soft Cell's Tainted Love to pick up with each of their songs and it makes me happy. I loved that song as a kid.