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Is it just me, or does Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse look a lot like Vince Vaughn. And my brother-in-law Richard?
And on a completely unrelated note.....

Can someone please give this man a respectable hair cut already? If your face is on CNN every other day you should have some sort of hairdo that doesn't look like an out of control bush of groin hair.

On another completely unrelated note......

I love this picture of us. Not only because we are standing in front of the building were we met as important credit card collectors over 10 years ago. The picture was taken while I was wiping my nose, but it looks like I am about to peel the skin off my face. As in: you THINK Liz is the monster that the gang was after, but once she is caught she rips the mask off and you find it it's really someone else. What? You don't watch Scooby Doo movies every week?

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