It's exhausting, but fun to be in search of the perfect something. Even if it means the something you are replacing has left you with only two kitchen chairs for the dining room table. We will wait. We will not settle. We will also not have dinner parties or guests over for a while, but we refuse to settle any longer in the furniture shopping game. From Copenhagen to Costco and everywhere inbetween......we will find The One.
That's been a hard shift of attitude since becoming a home owner this year. Suddenly a quick trip to Ikea isn't going to work for all of our household needs anymore. Only because we are tired of replacing their good looking crap.
So far 5 stores and one strong table possibility (but hate the chairs). And many more stores to go.
I enjoy the process of elimination as we figure out easily what we don't want, which somehow leads us to figuring out what we do want. It's kind of backwards, but that's the attraction.
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