Preschool *holiday* party loot and crafts that make it home via backpack always remind me of the joy I felt as a child seeing my name written on something. No matter how disposable that something was, it was mine. And seeing another person's handwriting on paper of my very own name made me smile every time I looked at it. As if a mini caricature drawing was etched in place of the dot above the 'i' in Elizabeth. I looked longingly at the way each letter was penned as if a copious amount of time was spent determining the stroke or curve of each letter.

And today, I still enjoy seeing the way other people place those 4 letters on a surface to give ownership to the project of this little person we made and gave a special name to.

Like usual, I enjoy details that sometimes deserve a lot less attention and thought. But wouldn't it be a neat project to cut out all the different ways his name is written on things over the years and put them into a book or jar?