Silent Auction

In honor of the Stephanie and Christian (and per Gabby's suggestion) I am holding a silent auction today. Here is how it works.

1) I offer up 1 hour of photography work for you or a friend or whatever you want me to photograph (your family, or if you live outside of AZ think of a theme I could photograph for you that could be art work for your walls (kids into cars, trees, color scheme? bright fruit for your kitchen?). Think of it like ebay- you can keep bidding if you get outbit.
2) You name a price- but that winning price just gets donated to the recovery fund by clicking on the button on my sidebar to pay on-line into the recovery fund.

3) Winner gets a cd of all photos in color and black /white.

If I was more crafty I would make something that I could mail out. But this is all I've got to offer up. I wish I could do more! Bid closes at midnight on Sunday (AZ time).
p.s. I can even take pictures of strangers for you, that's always fun. Look at this cute pair- who dresses this way for a day at the museum? I love them. And their coordinated brass buttons.