synthetic fiber

Sarah over at Que Sera Sera posted of a conversation she had with her friends about things that creep them out, which led to a fabulous entry in her blog titled Heebie Jeebies (12/7/07). I have thought about that post ever since and laugh often in my head about the guy who commented with one word:


That's it. That's all he wrote. I want to know more! Is it the look of it? The color? The texture? The sound when it breaks? The sound when you stack them? The decorative suns hanging on outdoor walls? Jeez how this guy would LOVE Arizona. People here pretty much drink out of terracotta cups and drive terracotta cars. It's UN_avoidable. What would happen if he came to visit someone and just didn't know this about Arizona? Would it be like chewing on metal gum for him to drive around and see so much all in one place? Or would it be so bad he would have to leave the state entirely and never return? Or is it just a little cringe of a feeling he could easily ignore and discuss only when conversation came to a lull at a social gathering? Or does it make him sweat and embarrass him that there is this uncontrollable dry heaving episode that comes over him when pretty plants are lined up a walkway nestled in treacherous TERRACOTTA. Would he have to turn around and leave, or does he have to repeat in his mind self help chants he devised to overcome the distain just to get to the front door? I love it. I just want to know more.

I want to know things like this about my friends so I can play pranks on them. "Hey Joe- can you do me a favor and grab the ice bucket out of the freezer while I go flip the burgers. Oh, yeah, it's just that brown clay pot in there filled with ice......." {snickering ensues from a few weak links in the room- I would be one of them}.


I adore this topic, here are some other things that creep people out from her comments section that totally crack me up. Hands down= best comments thread I have ever read so go to her site and read the whole post it's good fun. I had to share the wealth (my added notes are in italics):

soft bread

touching lunch meat


the wooden Mr. Rogers puppets (think King Friday)

Comic Sans

people slurping

armpit hair (but what about the scent?)

sound of pulling stockings/tights over dry calloused feet

wet paper

cigarette butts floating in toliets

wool on teeth

Andie MacDowell (listed by many)

pictures of skin rash

jingling change in a pocket

gelatinous air fresheners

people clipping their fingernails (I HATED when people did this on the subway- sick)

touching performance fleece

crumbs on my bare feet (this is mine)

spider web or single strands of hair on my skin (this is also mine)

digital people (this is also mine- think polar express, toy story, etc)

biting down on a metal fork

detailed fossils

those round thumbtacks

people with small teeth

The chewing. And the sucking. On the popsicle stick. (my friend Anna hates this one too!!!)


p.s. Sarah Brown just got a book published that will be for sale this month so go buy it because she is hi-larious.