wednesday morning

Each time I pulled out of my neighborhood- from the very first day- I admired the tall corn stalks greeting me. Each turn I made past them I smiled and promised I would be by with my camera to visit with them. To make a proper introduction and study them up close.

I thought about where I would park. Which days would be best, but how I could strap the kids into the stroller and firgure out the logistics easily. I wondered which angle would be best, how I could convey that beauty I saw every day by turning the lens this way and that.

One morning I finally had enough of procrastinating and made myself vow to take a trip across the street and make time that day to do something enjoyable for myself I had been putting off- my long awaited photoshoot with corn. I decided after Evan's morning nap we would make our way over no matter how hot it would be outside.

Running a morning errand, I pulled to the same corner and found the corn completely gone. All of it. Every single piece. It was a flat piece of dirt land as far as the eye could see. My friends, they are all gone and getting ready to be packaged and sent to stores. I didn't get to say goodbye, or hello. I have to wait a really long time to get that kind of photo opportunity again on my corner. I spent too much time thinking about it instead of just doing it.

So yesterday when I got out the morning cereal and noticed these amazing clouds I remembered my corn lesson. I took the baby by the hand and we went immediately out front in our pajamas and captured a beautiful morning. Who knows when we will get to see one like that again.

Carpe Diem, baby.

(p.s. a beautiful morning in AZ means the sun is blocked from clouds and you can be barefoot on the concrete)