of blowing

The Automatic Automatic is a thumbs up. Not sure how I feel about the repeat name, sort of annoying. Mike and the Automatics might have been better, or something a little clever or funny. They could have reworked the name thing a little more.
Regardless, the sound is there. Happy beats, good vocals, British. What else could you ask for?
The video for Monster is sort of lame, although I did laugh out loud at the sasquach dancing and shaking its booty. It sort of made me want to be a sasquach. Just for a little while.

Okay, I admit 100% Suburban Legends is taking the shape and form of a boy band. But I honestly felt more impressed than I thought I would at their sound. I like the bit of horns worked into Infectious. And although the choreography is chee-Z, I have to give it to the lead singer (top middle)- that boy has moves and can carry the spotlight well. If they simmer down the others dancing around him and chill on the forced mohawks this video might have been alright. Well, not really. The ending fight scene ruined it for me.
I dunno, I guess I am just giving the lead singer an honorable mention. And the horn blowers.