mobster baby

I love this kid so much. This new trick is one of my favorites at the moment.


I didn't spend much time nor effort trying to do baby signs with my first child. By age two there were some speech delays and the grunting and whining and lack of overall ability to comunicate was driving us both insane. He essentially caught up in speech on his own without needed assistance for some reason (?).

Enter child 2 and I have decided to make a better effort for the sanity of both of us to try at least some very basic signs. Even if I sort of make them up along the way, the purpose is for us to have a way of communicating.


The way we do 'milk' is a open and close of the fist over and over. Somehow Evan decided holding it above his head when he does it works best. My favorite part of how he does it is just like in this photo- he has this mean look on his face like he is going to get seriously PISSED if the milk isn't forthcoming NOW. Each time he does it I chuckle to myself because he actually looks like an Italian Mobster with his hand summoning me to come near as the knuckles are always facing me and the fingers don't really curl into a fist like I show him. I always get a dialouge in my head of what he could be saying with a thick New York accent:

hey you. over there c'mere. come on over. let me tell you about my uncle vinny. and what he's gonna do to you if you don't get the 'job' done. first.......(looks side to side) he's gonna break your knee caps. then........he's gonna pull out your fingernails. you don't wanna know what vinny's gonna do next if this job doesn't get done.....got it?