when you hit the bricks, i hit the roof

I had a penchant for dancing on stage at concerts and sneaking to the side before the bouncer noticed, thus automatic backstage access like a self-proclaimed VIP. I would have no idea where my friends were the rest of the time, I just knew I got to watch the backstage action of rock stars.

At each venue I was always amazed at how dirty and drab the room was the musicians would hang out in backstage. There was usually a mixture of ripped up, old couches, but never a party going on like you see in the movies. Then again, I didn't really waste my time or money as a teenager going to the stadiums to see my favorite bands- they were never that popular. Or if they were, it would not have been an enjoyable concert to have to share the front (and back) of the stage with so many people.

Sometimes we would get invited to the after-party by a boy in a no-name opening band. We had dumb luck to never encounter trouble. Just one evening of awkwardness comes to mind.

Shannon paired up with a drummer, I can't remember if it was the one in Mighty Mighty Bosstones or from one of the random opening bands. I remember I was jealous her guy had on Creepers and I couldn't stop staring at his feet all night. Mine was Chris, a guitarist (bassist?) who played for No Use for a Name; this made him slightly more appealing. I can't recall which band he played in that night. I think he's in Foo Fighters now, but I could be wrong. All I could tell you about him was that he smoked and his shoes were far less impressive than the drummer's.

The awkward part was the party portion of the evening at the hotel all bands were staying at, one barely a step above Motel 8. The lead singer of The Pietasters (my main music crush of the year) was turning 30, it was a birthday bash for him. Shannon and I realized for some strange reason we were the only ladies in the room packed with people. We wandered into one room and found some empty chairs to sit in. Several guys were hanging out in that room just chillin out watching t.v. Only soon we realized it was a porno. Hrm. We opted to head outside and take a walk with Cool Shoes and Smokey. Just as we were leaving the strippers showed up. Nice timing, I would say.

In honor of this memory I think it's high time I find my son some Creepers.

...and in case the next kid is a girl...