coming back home

I can't remember the first time I met Gabby Blair of Design Mom. I think we passed in the hall or Mother's Room (nursing closet) at church and she complimented my baby's striped socks. I was just as excited to put those socks on him as I was to see what he looked like once he was born. I loved her immediately.

I truly enjoyed posting some stuff at Design Mom this week. I wrote about chocolate, more chocolate, (yawn) chocolate, fairy tales, cheese, date ideas, and some things that have inspired me.

It was more challenging than I thought to post in someone else's space. Each post I sent her left me wanting to revamp it the next morning. I sat at my computer each night wishing I was a design expert to follow her traditional posts that are always pleasing to view like a shiny magazine that takes you away from the cares of the day. But she knew I wasn't her when she invited me, so I had to remind myself to be.....well, myself. Luckily, she has a supportive readership and her own encouraging words along the way, so I am grateful for the opportunity for my 'voice' to be heard in another forum.

The week prior I had grand ideas of photographing and interviewing local artists, but it didn't come together with timing I had hoped for. Perhaps those ideas will be incorporated into random appearances around here.

Keep checking in with Design Mom! She has give-a-ways all the time that will suit your fancy.