So this food obsession is really bad. When I get something in my head that actually sounds good, I can't stop thinking about it. Must. Have. X. or. Will. Implode.

Today it was KFC. I broke my fast-food-once-a-month-only-rule within one week. Zane and I strolled into KFC after a great day at the park and the sun was shining. No one was in line, although there was a scare with the debit card reader for a moment and she asked me if I had cash. I was seriously not going to leave without my order, even if I had to beg or count the change at the bottom of my bag. We could sling fried chicken if we had to, Zane loves to help in the kitchen at home, I thought. I was not leaving without my biscuit, wedges and gravy. But that got resolved, thankfully, by Xavier from the back.

Zane mostly sat still and ate corn and some chicken while I inhaled the delightful biscuits and gravy. I ordered a size large gravy so I could bring it home and pour it on everything I eat for the rest of the week. There is nothing better than a week's worth of gravy sitting in the fridge. Our full tummies were content as we rolled out the door. I nestled the container safely in the back on the floor between the back of the seat, my diaper bag, and the inside of the door.

It was rush hour traffic on the drive home and everyone looked angry and in a hurry behind their steering wheels. If only they could share the joy of gravy they wouldn't be so mad. As I prepared to complete my turn, a shiny black Mercedes was suddenly speeding through the red light and almost hit us! He swerved and missed, thank the good Lord above. My heart was beating out of my chest and Zane was asking questions about the words that flew out of my mouth.

We completed the drive home in silence as I pondered the first thought that came to my mind during that scary incident:

Oh no the GRAVY! It's going to spill!