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When I was a working gal I used to think housewives had the easiest lives ever. They didn't have to deal with a commute, drudging to the subway in the snow, nasty people coughing on you with coffee/ morning breath, walking through urine puddles and stench to switch from the N to the F, no bundling up in winter clothing and high heels, dealing with office politics, being chummy with the right people, working late and ordering take-out instead of a nice, healthy meal.

Yeah, I thought I was missing out big time. They could bake cookies whenever they wanted, wander around the parks and mingle with the other moms. They could have a grilled cheese for lunch and make a crock pot dinner!

I sort of forgot all about the kid part, or rather, was too naive to realize there as a lot more to it.

What I would give for a lunch ALONE, prepared by someone else. The train ride sounds amazing, 30-45 minutes every day of doing absolutely nothing. Just sitting, listening to music or people watching would be pretty nice. Take-out, heavenly, if only there would be items on the menu the short one in the family would be willing to eat. And I can't remember the last time I put on a pair of shoes that flattered my calves.

It's funny to reflect back on how I thought things would be and compare it to reality.


Although reality is a lot more diapers and defiance than I imagined, I truly wouldn't change anything about this life I have chosen. I am super grateful I have the option to work or stay home with my son. There are really great days I feel a twinge of guilt that I get to do this; we do bake cookies and go to the park. It just isn't every single day.

I really used to think the solution would be to job-share. Then the working girls will run back to their offices and the mothers would run back home to their children, each appreciating the routine they are in and the comfort of their lives in the now.