This morning in the usual rush of getting Zane ready for school, I normally find I am able to dedicate the entire time to him. To keep things moving and avoid distraction. This morning I stepped aside from the routine for a moment to change a baby diaper. I returned to his side and found he had logged onto the computer, somehow got to the Nokia website and found a cool phone he wanted to show me.

Patient and curious of his exploratory computer time, I let him show me what he was so excited about before I hurried him along to his shower. I am glad I did. Because as he excitedly pointed to this $600 phone, he said "Mom, I'm going to get this for you when I marry you".

Okay, so truly he has no idea what the concept of marriage is and all, only that you pick a girl to be with forever. So it completely melts my heart when he says things like this. My Zaney is quite a handful to put it simply, but dang this kid is so awesome.