of dishes and homosexuality

Monday mornings used to begin with a spotless kitchen, not a single dirty dish in the sink. Sunday evenings Mike would scramble at making dinner, then he would do dishes, pack his suitacase and rush out the door to his red-eye flight. And while it was a glorious way to start the week with a clean kitchen, I always felt I had lost something as I began the day making breakfast. I felt like it left our weekend too crammed with duty and not enough play time. It didn't feel like any of us were having a nice endcap of a weekend. I appreciated Mike's efforts at working hard at helping me any way he could before going away for the week, but I wanted us both to start the week more relaxed. Even if it means letting go of home organization and cleaning efforts more than usual to get optimal time together.

So I suggested no dishes on Sunday. For anyone.

And when I wake up and enter the messy kitchen on Monday morning I always smile cos it means we had a good weekend hanging out lots and making family time a priority as much as possible with the little time we have available in those two short days.
Okay, that sounds super gay. Unless you know the life of The Dad only home on weekends this probably sounds pretty cheesy. And btw does that even offend gay people, to say the word gay? Because I am pretty certain the people I know that have come out of the closet between the 90s and now probably used that word, too. And if it does offend, was it secretly offensive before they came out of the closet? Or was it only offensive to the gay person after coming out?