lend me your ideas

So! I have scheduled on my calendar my very first elementary school mom helper day. I am excited, but hopelessly pathetic in the kid craft department. If the internet did not exist I would be doing the tootsie roll pop ghosts with tissue and marker eyes every year. I'm that bad.
I googled ideas for kid bug crafts, as bugs are the theme for the week. I want to do a book/ craft/ snack that are related to one another. I came up with caterpillar. Well, not me. My internet findings led me to this idea. Ask me to pull together a talk for sacrament meeting or a power point presentation with a 5 minute warning and I'm good. Entertain a little room of kids and my palms get sweaty.

Book: Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Craft: paper chain caterpillars w/ googly eyes

Snack: Caterpillars ideas:

a) cupcakes like image above


b) just bring little samples of what the Hungry Caterpillar eats:

•Ice Cream (but not this)
•Swiss cheese
•Cherry Pie
•Leaves (lettuce)

Those of you more experienced at this, I would love more ideas. They are 5 year old kids with limited attention and need few steps.
Can't I just turn it into a career day and tell them about the HIPPA law? Or Final Written Warnings? Or something else from my extensive HR background???!! I could hand out stress balls. Maybe draw their names on them, over the company logo, with a marker?