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It's too bad toddlers don't get sarcasm. Cos we'd all be laughing a whole lot more during the day if they were instinctively on board my humor train.
Then that whole 'hey shut the sliding glass door' and him telling me no over and over would have been a whole lot more funny.

If he understood the hilarity of how I wanted to respond it would have made the day go by a whole lot faster.

It's cool, actually. Leave it wide open. Afterall. Yeah, um I didn't really mind, telling me no is so awesome. It makes me feel really good. Happy. All fuzzy inside. In fact, since there are like- oh- seven bees about three inches from your face begging to buzz into the house it would be best if you just went to get the honey. While you left the door wide open. Telling me no. While looking right at me. Then go ahead and smear it all over the family. While you leave the door open. For the bees to come & hang out with us inside. And hey while you're at it, why don't you just go ahead and kick my teeth in, too. That would be just about as much fun as you telling me no all day long. While the bees sting us. Then we'll have a bunch more fun in the afternoon while you scratch my eyes out with forks. Man, your dad's really missing out on all the fun today.

In other totally unrelated news, someone needs to let JCPenny in on a secret. In the 10+ years I have seen them busting out their Back to School commercials never have I seen a kid in their clothing actually look cool. It's not working out, the whole image thing they have been trying to go for. It makes no one in their right mind of school age want to go there and purchase their items. Regardless of the quality/ coolness of their products, the commercial just keeps killing any sort of hope of an image they could have. They should find the people who rescued Target's branding. That would be a nice suggestion for them.