Isn't this the perfect size flower for me to glue onto a headband?
(totally kidding, btw)

I cracked up at myself as I drove up to The Ruffler's Roost Ribbons and Lace store this morning. I wasn't cracking up when I left. Man these places are overwhelming to the mommy who's never had a girl before. Or put together a plan and executed any sort of craft. Bringing along a chimpanzee for a toddler and a screaming baby adds to the enjoyment. Not to mention it's filled with quiet patrons methodically thinking through their projects, quietly and peacefully fingering through their options. While they dodge the spools of ribbon my child throws at them.

But! The good news is I didn't say a single swear word while I maneuvered my busted Craig's List double stroller around the aisles trying to keep them quite. Much like the movie Speed. I would slow down only a little bit to eye-ball a ribbon choice, then pick up speed again quickly to keep the bus from exploding. And I didn't even cry when the jacked up stroller pinched my finger as I tried to collapse it and shove it into the car, the unwieldy beast that it is. And let me tell you the most important tidbit of the day- trust me when I tell you to not purchase the stroller from craig's list if it doesn't lock in properly when you close it.

You might think it's not going to be a problem because you are getting a smokin' deal on it, but believe me it's quite the problem. Especially when it is 115 degrees outside while your flip flops melt into the hot, black asphalt and your children cry while they wait for you inside of the hot car. And even though it's good entertainment for the workers on the other side of the window to see you manage this massive, broken, piece of junk....Do yourself a favor and pass up the 'opportunity'.

You know, maybe I'm a sucker. I'd like to think not. But just maybe I am. When the person selling it says they only used it for a trip to Disneyland. And it is possible she was telling the truth. If perhaps she meant that the AIRPLANE THEY TOOK DROVE OVER THE STROLLER A FEW TIMES and then it fell out of the plane and rolled down the mountains and landed back in her rental car for her to use at Disneyland. I could see how she might have conveniently left that part out.

All I know is that when this bad boy goes back up on craig's list I am going to be honest and bribe someone with a lot of additional free items to rid me of this thorn in my side. COOKIES! Baby clothing! Crib Bedding! Happy Ending! Anything. Just take the damn thing already.