she'll be a woman someday

When we first moved to New York and I finally got a job in the city, I knew I would need a purse big enough for a little umbrella. I was thrilled to see how easy it was to shop off the streets! What a convenience, I wondered what stores these guys worked for. At any rate, I looked up and down all sorts of Avenues and Streets each time we were in Midtown or Downtown hoping for just the right one. I finally found a big, black squarish purse with red and white gingham on the inside and cute little handles that could rest on my shoulder.
The first few Sundays I showed up to church with it, I got rave reviews. People that never spoke to me before were asking me about this purse of mine and where I got it. I had no idea such a simple little black purse would draw so much attention. Especially since fashion is clearly not my thing, I often left purse conversations quite perplexed. Then someone asked me if my purse was real.

More confusion. And scratching of my head. I just wanted something to stuff my umbrella into and now there is this secret purse code-talk I wasn't really sure how to engage in. I asked for clarity. I had no answer.
I turned to my confidants at work, real New Yorkers, whom would help me know my answer. How do I know if my purse is real and why do I care? They enlightened me.
I learned how the purses off the street are sometimes fancy name brands (those of highest values I knew little about). Apparently my Kate Spade purse caused such a stir because they are super costly items. I had no idea. I still don't understand how that makes me more conversation worthy or why it matters to someone else if it's real or not. I suppose it's like one who appreciates good quality design the way another appreciates an aged cheese? Anyway, the purses on the street are real if they have 'fallen off the truck'. Normally this sales person would not be liscenced to sell anything and there would be no paper hanging around his neck.

It they are not real, a fake label has been made and glued onto the purse, looking exactly like the expensive version of the real deal. Sometimes the labels will be in the man's pocket and he will ask you which one you want and then you could essentially choose a Prada style purse and stick a Kate Spade label on it if you wanted to. All for the price of $15. If you know how to haggle. Otherwise, you will be like most tourists and pay between $25- $40 for your 'fake' purse.
Within a few months my famous purse told the truth. The label peeled off and I was left with a boring old black purse. It was sad to me how much less I liked it once its true identity was exposed.

All this leads me to my next point. I was strolling through the dreaded mall today.......ugh, I know, but seriously it's the only damn thing to do with non-swimmers/ being outnumbered with kids/ in the heat of the summer. Okay so back to my afternoon... I actually became smitten with a REAL purse today for the very first time in my life! So I have charged my husband in New York to find me this purse on the street before he returns home from business. This Lucky Stash Bag in the brown (not shiny) leather totally rocks. I am feeling ready to ditch the diaper bag scene. I think I could get 2 baby diapers, my wallet, and a thin case of wipes in here easy.

Mike, just think of it as a fun scavenger hunt! Oh, and don't get caught by undercover police buying one like my mom and sister did with their watches on that one trip, okay?