or send him to trader joe's

My husband has been so kind as to take on the weekly grocery shopping duties. He does this for several reasons:

1) Because he knows it's one less thing I have to do
2) He actually enjoys grocery shopping
3) He is better at looking for sales (sans toddler makes a big difference)
4) He saves us a lot of money (not an impulse shopper)
5) Number 4 is probably the main reason he does it

He has been in charge of this task for a few months now. I have to admit I admire his ability to be frugally-minded. It is a true talent I do not posess. Although, there are times I assist with unloading the grocery bags and find myself shaking my head and thinking, "Generic bologna? I get the food budget idea, but we aren't on welfare". I think we both know we can spring for the extra 15 cents to get high quality Oscar Meyer Bologna.

So here's to my sexy Director of Household Inventory. My gentle suggestions and plea for supporting brand loyalty. Items that really should not be purchased as generic unless absolutely necessary.

paper towels
lunch meat
salad dressing
garbage bags
dishwashing detergent
peanut butter
ice cream
spaghetti sauce
chicken without bones, please
pancake mix
plastic wrap