brag with a drag

The evenings have been in the 20's and our neighbors that steal from the lemon tree out front are begging us to cover it with cloth at night. Ah the life of renters. What little power we hold to give two shytes about the lemon tree is very liberating.

You can imagine my joy when today's weather report put these two lovely words together:
Abundant Sunshine.
A day beginning with such a forecast holds so much promise. I don't know who comes up with these reports, but today's worker bee gets a swift football-style slap on the rear. What a great way to begin my day; with ABUNDANT happiness.

The drag is we caught a roof rat in the garage. It's dead in the trap waiting for the pest control man to come and get him. Quick show of hands- how any people want to see a picture of this dead rat? I won't stomach the shot unless at least 20 people want it.