little drummer girl

Jason and Nigel. These are the saints whom agree to allow me to try and play songs with them each week with my good-for-a-newbie drum kit. They invited me back after the first night playing at the rehearsal space and it has gone swimmingly every since. Until I went out of town and bruised my ribs coughing, so I have held them up for a few weeks. I wonder slightly if the idea of a new drummer has crossed their minds.

They are patient and easy going fellows, I truly enjoy their company. I am in debt with gratitude for their musical guidance and the comfort I have screwing up songs only to get a cheer from all three of us once I finally get it right. Jazzed about the gift of encouraging words as I fumble around trying to figure out how to be part of a three piece band.

I know there will be a day I will play live. It may not be imminent. Not just because I would look ridiculous with a giant belly, but I don't think the following several months will allow my body the fire and energy in me to get to where I want to be to proudly perform in public. I also do not know if we are a group of musicians that can collectively create original music others need to hear.

I am realizing the importance of having similar interest in music genre. When we play the New Order song Jason comes to life like a shooting star. It is visible, his love for music and his guitar. The same goes for Nigel when we play the Social D song. Of the songs we know or plan to play, none seem to hit that chord with all of us equally. I keep hoping I will email that one perfect song (unwritten law perhaps?! please.) and they will go nuts with excitement, it will be that one common-interest-link of sound for us to follow and work from.

I have been thinking of what my staple sounds are that really make me want to be a certain kind of drummer, who my heroes are and connecting those dots. When I find other people who have that same alignment I think it will be...I dunno...nothing comes to mind but perfect. But that word somehow takes away the momentum of what I am trying to say.

Learning to be in a band with these guys is what I was looking for and what I need for my level of skill in the now. I don't think we have the combined potential to be dazzling, but dazzling comes later. Much later.

After the sleepless nights of nursing the next kid are faded memories.
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