being pregnant again is

...having dominant and outstanding olfactory senses
...different side effects unlike before
...reading the book all over again
...calling friends with newborns to remember what's 'normal'
...jeans by day, sweat pants by afternoon
...getting back what was lost forever. welcome back, great bosoms!
...emotional peaks and valleys at predictable moments
...food (texture) aversions, dammit.
...omyrockness let's find some good biscuits and gravy already
...eventually submitting to the inevitability that is maternity clothes
...letting the toddler grow up a little faster than I normally would
...cramming regular meals into my body until it explodes 3 weeks later.
..or finally poops. which ever comes first.
...the inability to cut raw steak
...the ability to eat cooked steak with pleasure.
...the new kid saying NO to onion, broccoli, hot dogs,
and refreid beans at all costs.
...ordering nacho bell grande minus the refried beans with head hung low in sadness.

Being pregnant again is praying to God
every moment I breathe
that the tiniest heart keeps beating.