Harajuku Lovers Baby

I fell in love with this scent and packaging before I knew any of the awesome details about it. And because I'm such a Gothic Lolita.

Harajuku Lovers Baby is the one I liked. It's fresh, crisp, and clean. And has a touch of baby powder aroma. It's like Love's Baby Soft Perfume has an older, more polished sister.

Turns out it's one of the scents on Gwen Stefani's fragrance line! She explains on the site how she went to Tokyo for the first time in '96 and fell in love with the Harajuku scene. Found inspiration in the people as they were expressing mad creativity and unique style, mixing and matching all sorts of different clothing together.

Anyway- love the line even if it is targeting a much younger crowd. You can score some at Macy's.