the girl's ideal room

I still can't decide on how I will do this little girl's room. I am so drawn to this light shade of blue paired with red. I am seeing it all over the place now that I am looking for it. There are several variations of this blue/ red combo and I love them all.

My apron.

The kids' place mats.

Cute invites Sheri made.

This book (thanks to Katie's reminder, btw check her awesome dresses she made inspired by the colors in this book!). And ps. notice this same blue/ red color on her blog.
In the spirit of trying to be frugal, I am going to refrain from creating my ideal nursery for her. For now, anyway. But isn't that what's great about having a website? In my imaginary nursery I would paint her walls this light shade of blue. I would get white bedding with a matching bedskirt and curtains that have a little touch of of red (tiny cherries in a row or a simple red line). And she would have this really cool red bookshelf I saw at a furniture store along with the matching dresser.
And I would have chunky white square picture frames above the dresser of photos I took of red things. Shiny Mary Jane shoes, shiny red round gourmet lollipops, maybe some red balloons in the blue sky or a shiny red ball, etc.
You would have this awesome Eames rocker in her room (in white).

And a really modern and sassy white crib- I would try to find this in all white.
Your bookshelf would have white baskets on it with your rattles and toys in them. I would find a way to get the matching bed skirt/ curtain fabric to line the baskets. Or a coordinated ribbon to tie around them. And then I would get very special Blabla loveys to fill the spaces in your shelves. I love how it would tie the blue into the bookshelf in addition to these little guys being super soft and lovable.

Then I think your room would be complete. I know this messy way of putting images and words together doesn't really create the visual I have, but it feels good to get it out in one space and the way it works in my head looks really awesome.
BTW- If I guestimated the cost of putting this nursery together I would come to over $3000. If we painted it ourselves.