I just turned a corner. An ugly one. And I'm searching for a better corner to turn. Cos this one, it involves grinchy mommy back pain kind of feelings. I want to whimper at the thought of bending over to pick up that fallen ice cube. Front load washer? I fuh-ree-king hate you. Packing in the 30 pound kid into the car- wait aren't you old enough to stay home alone yet? Getting a pot out of a bottom cabinet - I get stuck in the squatting position for about 5 minutes. Until I can get Zane to push me back upright while I grip onto surrounding counter tops. Diaper changes for Evan on the floor require about 30 minutes start to finish. Most of that time is getting him to come back to me once he escapes my grip. And the rest is figuring out how to get myself back up off the floor. Only to find him ripping the dry diaper off himself 5 minutes later.

But! It's okay because my friend Kristy is going to win this awesome bike and give me a ride in it and then I can rest my back for a little bit. I'll bring along some big pillows with some gin and tonic. I mean gingerale. Help her out by going to her site and clicking on her sidebar ad so she can win. And I can get a ride. Maybe even be the first ever to give birth in the bucket of a Madsen bike!

Let's make history people. Help a sister out.
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