she might have a porcupine

* Illness twice this month with me and a nice, long round of sick with the boys has put a wrench in my lofty goals for December. Instead of stressing out and working OT, I accept that I was a whole man down for a far too many days during critical weeks of planned productivity and I am chopping things off the list. One big one is the Christmas card. Although we have over 100 stamps sadly sitting in their pack, they will be used another year. And I will start a new trend in saving money: Virtual Christmas Card! Not only will it save money and time, but I can reach more people without having to send 36 emails around tracking down new home addresses. I think it's a brilliant plan.

* I am glad that when I met one of my new neighbors in person, they only told me their first names. Because I don't think I could have kept a straight face if they told me they were Mr. and Mrs. Beaver. I would have thought they were joking. But they wouldn't have laughed with me. And then it would be this akward thing and I would try to pretend it wasn't by suggesting they never name one of their daughters Winona. And they would ask why and I would say oh nevermind, it has nothing to do with Primus. Hey tell me more about your holiday plans!

But then I would try to make them feel better by telling them about a girl I knew who went from being Ms. Melons to Mrs. Tittsworth. And she happened to be obviously blessed in the general area these words bring to mind. Making matters a little worse? Or better? I can never decide.

* One of Evan's favorite things to eat are these things that are like graham cracker sticks. Although, unfortunately, they are called Morning Sticks. Really? They couldn't come up with a better name? For a children's snack? Is it just my sick mind, or are they 3 hairs away from calling them Morning Wood? What's wrong with calling them Graham Sticks instead!? I am telling you, it's all these pothead boys I dated in college growing up and getting jobs and making decisions they think are funny.
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