raise the roof

People always talk about having a baby itch. I never had such a feeling. With every child we just knew it was time for us to begin the, uh [ahem] process of making a baby. There really isn't a way to smoothly transition from the topic of getting freaky bareback to front door mats. Or if there is, I am too lazy to try to find it this fine evening.

I am, however, feeling an itch for decorating my home. Unlike hot sex, I actually do not know how to do this. I don't know where to begin. I suppose people that have more experience decorating their space have good advice for me: start with one room at a time. But which room?!

I enjoy seeing the inside of homes after knowing someone personally or professionally for a while. I find it interesting that often times one's home is decorated and kept the way they keep their personal appearance. It's not always true, but I would love to photo journalize it someday so I am keeping a mental list of all those that follow my theory.

There was a woman I worked with at church on a project that was very careful with her words and I could tell she carefully selected every detail of her outfits each day with specific shoes to coordinate and jewelry to match. Not perfectly match as in color, but the mood or style of her threads. Her hair perfectly manicured without a strand misplaced. Nothing faded, nothing dingy, all things well kept and neat and tidy. I love being around people like this because it inspires me to want to clean up my act and try a little harder to be a tad more presentable.

The project we worked on provided and opportunity or me to drop materials off at her home. I was secretly hoping I would be invited in to test my skills at matching personal presentation to home vibes. I was spot on. I have never seen carpet more white and clean in all my life. I was nervous to walk on it for fear my veins would burst and ruin its perfection. Each room specifically tied to a design theme, many artifacts collected from her world travels and displayed strategically well. Not a speck of dust could be found, perfectly warm light surrounded us in each room we visited in. Her home was an exact replication of her.

And although none of the things she displayed were items I would personally pick or choose for my own home, it made me think about what types of things I would pick. And where in the world can I find them? And what colors make sense to combine? And what is a realistic budget to follow [not that this is any time or season to spend much on decorating walls].

I find this feeling of inspiration in many homes I have visited over the years, but feel uncertain about where to begin. Maybe I start with myself and try an intentional hairdo for once? Nah. How about a new, clean pair of casual shoes less than 5 years old? Maybe making some effort to wear clothing that isn't 3 sizes to big for me just because I hate shopping? How about I just start with my front door. A mat and some potted plants. I think I can handle that.


my plan:

1) measure desired size of mat
2) something that will go with color of the door: dark brown
3) randomly grabbing a cool looking one at Target isn't a great approach- too small (photo above)
4) something that doesn't say welcome or have words at all
5) nothing corporate or boring
6) start looking online and in stores
7) I don't like that rope texture that sheds