So yeah, Facebook huh. I didn't quite get it at first. I mean, there is Linked In where you collect all your professional contacts for networking and the like. That is an excellent tool, but not so useful to me as I took on the new career of chef, I mean janitor, I mean housekeeping, uh, I mean housewife.

So it all started with Blogger for me, a great plan for keeping in touch with distant friends/ family in addition to a creative writing outlet when the mood strikes my fancy. Or a virtual brag book documentation for some- whatever the purpose it's fine and there and available and widely utilized. And read by a mostly unidentified crew so who really knows if you are truly keeping in touch with people you intend to connect with or just hearing yourself *speak*.

Then I found Flickr to post on a sidebar the photos I took both creative or cute ones of my kids that might be less than creative. For the aunties and grandmas in the family that remember to save the bookmark and keep checking.

Next for me was MySpace. I didn't quite understand what to do with it. It seemed like a giant virtual orgy of girls posting their best cleavage and pouty face shots possible left and right. If you aren't single, it begins to feel rather uncomfortable to hang around such space. It felt like little to do with music and a lot to do with mate-hunting. Although I admit I did enjoy free access to some samples of bands I might not have otherwise made time to give a listen to. It is not all for not.

Now it's Facebook. I am also unaware of what to do with it, it's purpose in my life. My initial thoughts are as follows:

1) Wow, I was pretty late to the party. EVERYONE is on Facebook.

2) It's like the acceptable version of blogging for guys.

3) It's less boobs than MySpace and more professional portraits.

4) It sort of feels like Pokémon trading cards, like who can have the largest collection of friends listed at the end of every week should get 5 pretend bonus friends and look even MORE awesome!

5) I am not really sure what to do when someone I am not friends with by choice invites me to be their Facebook friend. What is the etiquette? It's not like I would call that person back if they left me a message on the phone or an email in my inbox. And most people in that category know that, so it's really me being a number on their friendship headcount and that makes me like that person even less.

6) It really is a blast from the past and like my sister said- it's like a high school reunion you don't have to go to. Only you get to be more selective about who you want to associate with and catch up with.

7) I linked my blog to my profile. Oh CRAP! Did I blog about any of them by name? Time to comb the archives.

8) I still don't really get what the purpose is. It feels like an ongoing life-long yearbook people sign sometimes. And maybe it's a good place for photo uploads now instead of Flickr? It feels strange to place faces together from different spaces of my life in different places. NY, CA, AZ adult life and now I am finding adolescent friends more recently. Perhaps it will be a great tool for me when I plan that whimsical 50th birthday party. Maybe one day I will get to track down Niya.