This year's halloween brought with it some newness. A new 'hood with a handful of houses to trick-or-treat at, thus exploring a neighboring 'hood with houses aplenty. A new costume for Zane, but a repeat for the second one in line. A pre-halloween tailgate BBQ with new neighbor friends. A Halloween Miracle at Target, while racing against the clock to get a few items (buns, lighter fluid, candy buckets) I realized my wallet was not with me. A perfect STRANGER offer to buy my goods. I declined, but then realized how much I needed that lighter fluid for this BBQ for the party waiting at my home. Then he insisted the children need their candy buckets and plucked it all from my cart, which brought his meager bill of twenty-something dollars to something in the forties. I vowed to do the same for someone else another day and he said that sounded good. Good thing I was shopping in my slutty French Maid costume. Just kidding, I only wear that one at night for Mike. But my most favorite thing about Halloween this year was that we got to buy one additional pumpkin for the little pumpkin growing in my tummy! At the end of May (hoping all goes well) our family will become a party of five.

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