I am learning to be less particular about my oldest son's wardrobe as we continue into uncertain economic times. That being said, I still try to find good deals at my favorite places where I feel decent quality might be had.

Today's need was church pants. I tried to look at Gap first because those always tend to last pretty well and take a good beating. Each pair of Gap church pants have lasted Zane, his cousin, and now the little brother without holes or seams coming apart. The trick is finding them at a good price. I found they had a good sale going on at an outlet- to me church pants at $14 that will last through the next size change is worth it.

They did not have his size. Old reliable next stop for me is The Children's Place. There isn't a lot I like at this store when I am being particular because their clothing falls apart quickly and normally follows goofy color schemes or lame graphics. They are always spot-on price for button-up white shirts and khaki church pants. They barely make it through the needed time before the next size is needed. Sometimes you can find them on sale for $12.

A major score at this store was pajamas. Again, I am normally picky about what I think the age 4 boy should wear and prefer the loose pants look. However, I scored some completely ugly, tight-fitting winter pajamas for $2.99. Can't find a better deal where new clothing is concerned.