where were they?

So I lived in Walnut Creek, California for some time before we came to settle here in Arizona. Walnut Creek was a quiet, beautiful little town. When people ask us what it was like living there, the best way to answer is by explaining it's what we imagine the Garden of Eden is like. Each day was perfect. Each day we spent time outside enjoying nature. We never heard thunder. I never saw lightening. Even the rain was pretty and enjoyable.

It was a rather predictable, humdrum sort of place. No shady characters, no urban edge, not much varied from the daily flow of WC. Except one day I went running. And instead of the usual dog walkers I would greet on my jog, I saw excitement happening at our favorite family park. At Heather Farms Park I saw camera crews, boys with tattoos, goofy 70s dressed kids, and all sorts of amps and musical gear. I forgot much about it, until I just saw this video.

It doesn't make any sense. The band Every Avenue is from Michigan, but I am 98% certain I watched them film that exact part with the pimpsters carrying the cooler. I am disappointed I missed the slip n slide, I might have snuck in for a ride. For no other reason than they possibly filmed this video in one of my favorite spots, they get a thumbs up. Otherwise, I have to admit, their sound would be easy for me to overlook.

p.s. i love how there is a load of laundry in the orange washer.