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Sometimes I get bored tracking my life here and take some days off cos the instant reward of this time on the computer is little to zero most of the time. I do love keeping in touch with friends and making new ones, don't get me wrong- there is great value in those ties. However, it's the long term benefits of recording my life and thoughts for my posterity's sake that will one day hold some value for me. Although I might need to go back and delete all those posts about my boobs. I can't imagine that would be inviting material for my little boys.

I do, however, almost always gain from the time I spend browsing others' pages while I see their strengths shine through the screen. I am currently working on the planning/ organizing part of my life as it is an area I desire to greatly improve in. Planned meals/ snacks before grocery shopping just makes my life so easy. My friends Erin and Tania have been some recent examples to me of this regularly executing this task. Lindsey and Adriana are friends that are also into blogging about food, however, they are a bit out of my league in the meals they prepare- but they just might be up your alley.

Tania posted in a new spot on how she plans a month worth of meals at a time and recycles that plan, adjusted a little here and there each time.
Erin often posts a weekly grid that displays each day's breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. I love this approach and plan to print out blank grids exacly like those on half sheets, print out a bunch to stuff into a manilla folder, then complete the week's food plan before the start of a each week.
I love having a list of ideas hanging on the side of the fridge to choose from with all ingredients stocked. We eat better and I am less stressed.
This will also help me in continuing to plan and stock a realistic rotating food storage plan for things besides beans and rice that might not have the longest shelf life ever (also think unique celiac food storage).I don't know how to post a grid, but here is my list for the week (specifics per day to be traded as desired). Some still need a side of veggie or starch and I plan to try new meals as the weeks progress.
Tonight:snack- yogurt
dinner- chicken fajitas + refreid beans + chips
Thursday:breakfast- eggs florentine
lunch- gf cheese pizza
snack- pretzels, cheese
dinner- Cafe Rio Inspired Pork Salad
Friday:breakfast- gf banana muffins, yogurt
lunch- picnic to go (cold cut sandwiches, apples, baby carrots)
snack- candied pecans
dinner- leftovers (canned veg. soup for kids if they are over it)
Saturday:breakfast- pancakes (gf and normal) and eggs
lunch- Chinese Chicken Salad
snack- popcorn
dinner: Chicken Cordon Blue or Hawaiian Haystacks
Sunday:breakfast- eggs, hashbrowns, toast (gf, included!)
lunch- grilled sandwiches (got some gf bread!) and chips or fruit
snack- popcorn
dinner: chilli and gf cornbread
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