I am going to take a class that teaches me to paint with oil on canvas.

I am going to volunteer at a hospital that will call me in when there is a family that wants my service. A family that wants a family portrait before their child departs this earth.

I am going to see Billy Joel perform live.

I am going to raise a lot of money for something really important.

I am going to launch my husband into a dream that will bring him a lot of joy and fulfillment.

I am going to learn French and visit Paris in a whole new way.

I am going to salsa dance with my eternal companion.

I am going to have a complete photography portfolio I am proud of.

I am going to have a kitchen with black and white squares for the floor.

I am going to eat a lobster in Maine.

I am going to snowboard with my boys on the best snow we can find.

I am going to interview and report on something really interesting.

I am going to change someone's life by encouraging them to find Christ.

I am going to have special, regular one-on-one time with each of my nieces and nephews and make sure they know I love them. That they are each like no other and uniquely awesome.

I am going to find and drive a cause that needs me and my skills.

I am going to have something published in a way that has never been done before.

I am going to say it just right the way someone needs to hear it.

I am going to be the person I am supposed to be doing exacly what I am supposed to be doing. Just as I am trying to do right now.

I am going to look at my kids grown and be amazed at their beauty. And miss them dearly. And the days I am in the middle of right now where they are close and safe.

I am going to be really, really good on my drums. And I am going to record something.

I am going to write a letter to my father when I finally get my words right.

I am going to host a great party with a pie eating contest. And someone will start a throw-up chain reaction and it will be just as hilarious as Stand By Me.

I am going to write a song that will move you.

I am going to tell someone I don't know that they look beautiful today. And I will mean it.

I am going to make friends with strangers.

I am going to find some of the people who built my house and shake their hands.

I am going to listen to music more often. I am going to dance in my livingroom more often.

I am going to bring the gay couple in my neighborhood everyone talks about some brownies.

I am going to call someone just because I thought of them.

I am going to love you even if you hate me.

note: if i had access to my photos i would post the one i took of my shoe while i was riding on a cable car in San Francisco- one of the things i always wanted to do and finally did it my last week there.
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