Halloween fever is in the air. I love the inspired thought.

[Gabby did some cool plates with her kids: her photo]

[Jon already has his pumpkins: his photo]

[Courtney is watching Halloween movies: her photo]

When I lived in Westchester, New York I enjoyed fall and how punctuated the season was in that little part of the world. The leaves on rows of trees seemed to cascade into various shades of comfort food and pumpkin spice candles. Everywhere you turned you knew it was cozy sweater time and Halloween would be just around the corner. I enjoyed getting lost in the old neighborhoods with maple leaves shedding great piles of fun on vast, green lawns. Colonials donned unique holiday wreaths for each season coordinated with the style of the home's curb appeal. I longed for my own home and wondered what it would look like and what kind of wreaths I would find in my own taste to proudly display for each holiday (I should totally make one out of Halloween candy!).

I recall October being my favorite of all months in Arizona. Good things just always happened in October. Even if a bad thing happens this month, decide to draw a silver lining on it just because it's October. I have never been good about home decor. I will probably never be an expert at it. I can, however, try to improve in the holiday seasonal decorating and take on the little project of creating a holiday mood. It seems from what I have learned, it might be good to have a theme be it a color or pattern of some sort. The only thing I do already have for each holiday is a candy dish. Good thing my priorities are straight. For Halloween I chose happy pumpkins. Wooden. Orange. And that's as far as I am going to go this year.

I hit up Wal-mart for some (cheap) happy wooden pumpkin yard things to stick into the ground, window decals for the sliding glass door, and some garland with the orange pumpkins happily poking through. I learned from my sister to work with the kids on making our own construction cut-outs to decorate their rooms with the holiday colors. We can order some kid Halloween movies on Netflix and get some books from the library to get us into the mood without spending money (new goal as of late). For sure make sugar cookies in spooky shapes and orange frosting. We will splurge, however, on the pumpkin patch festivities. Mike will also find a way to eat nasty pumpkin ice cream* and I will try to beat last year's record of Most Candy Corn Ingested by a Human Being. I am thrilled to have my own home, now, to decorate our own space and build on that plan each year. I can finally wreath shop! I won't get my fall wreath until I find the perfect one for my home, so that might take some time (watch for future post). I want to eventualls collect holiday table cloths and have space on a specific wall with picture frames dedicated to the season- switch them out so the walls can reflect images of tulips in the spring, for instance.

I really love October.

*Btw- Pumpkin Ice Cream should not exist. Every time I see it or hear about it my throat starts to tighten and I have to think of unicorns to keep myself from throwing up. I might be wrong, but I am pretty sure little Halloween elves gather rotting neighborhood pumpkins, take them to a back alley and beat them with baseball bats. Next, they mash this stringy, fleshy mess up by stomping on it with their dirty bare toes and then cram the mushy goo into 1/2 gallon containers. They toss it into the freezer and call it ice cream. Seriously. Hey enjoy it, it only comes out once a year.