This is the coastal town

I want to remember this week the way it was. It started with a yellow note pad containing two lists on the top page. One side was filled with household chores and projects while the other list had fun places to go, people to visit with, and fun things to do. I want to remember that as the week progressed and things got crossed off, most of the crossing off happened on the fun list. The other list wasn't nearly as important and I am glad we knew better.

I want to remember we still kept the house running and the baby on his schedule. That I folded laundry like usual, but got to sneak peaks through the blinds while Zane and Mike made soccer goals out back. That Zane laughed his guts out when his father put him on this shoulders to cheer for him and danced all silly for that 15th rock in his good behavior jar. How Evan ran across the yard to throw his baby arms around the back of his father's legs while he gardened. And the way he stopped for a moment with each one of us any time we wanted him to, nothing was more important than us every minute of this week. We always know that conseptually, but wow what an amazing thing to feel and see it for an entire week. Our canteens must be full. I know mine is.

Each day I think it's Sunday and I want to be sad at the goodbye we have become accustomed to swallowing hard in our choked throats. But then I remember it's not, everyday is not Sunday! Every day has been a day we get to gobble up Mike as much as we want and our home is singing and shining and every corner is beaming with gladness. Even little dust bunnies that wait for me, they are so happy to watch us hang out this week.

I want to remember how he taught me to stop doing and to just relax this week. To enjoy the weather changing, open the windows, and spend more time outside and less infront of that kitchen sink. I want to remember Zane playing cars quietly at the foot of the bed while Evan slept in his crib and I took my first nap in I don't know how long, and super bonus with my husband napping next to me! Touching feet! During a breezy afternoon on a weekday. You can't bottle this stuff up and get it at a store. It's what magical days are made of, simple perfect days.

I want to remember how peaceful this week felt, how present and complete our home felt. If the whole world fell apart around us, oh wait it sort of is and it doesn't matter because we are here and we have us. All in one spot. It was not all busy work and it was not all rushed and it was not a running clock or a packed suitcase or mixed emotions. It was just regular. And regular never felt so great.

I want to remember this feeling of being refreshed. Rejuvinated. Refilled. Extra patient and open to every 'mom come look at this!' and baby hug no matter what else had my attention. Both of us here to spread the attention and household duties really makes a difference that made me feel like a Queen for a Week. Never has daily willing help changing a diaper, doing the dishes, helping One Busy Boy burn energy or cleaning a messy highchair been so appreciated.

I want to remember his beaming smile seeing Evan's tricks and snuggles. Laughing at Zane's new words and negotiations and enjoying all of our energy. The smile in his eyes of being home for a while. Our home feels like it's really ours when he is here. It's like he came back with invisible cloaks to wrap us in like warm, chenille blankets.


This isn't to say there weren't typical moments of miscommunication that needed to be worked through. We aren't perfect. But those parts of this week totally got drowned out by the better ones and those are the ones I remember and feel right now so those are the ones I want to record.