Be Wise

Print your favorite photos you have taken at the end of every single month. Make it a habit.

I did not. I may lose some or all of the digital photos I have taken in the last 8 years. We have a back-up process and did this regularly, but somehow it's partially corrupt upon conversion to the new hard drive. Evan's baby book has zero printed photos in it. Zero.
{yes, that was in fact the whole box}
{...and his attempt at sharing "mm_M?"}

Yeah. Could be some serious tears shed this weekend if my photos are not recovered. And thrashing about in a padded room.

I remember reading about an interview of Robert Smith talking about his song Pictures of You and how he wrote that song around the incident he had with a house fire. He busted past the firemen to go back into the house to get some old photographs. I can't say I feel that far distance from his feelings related to my own photographs.

Yes, I have some on Flickr and the kids' site, however, that's about 2% and nothing can compare to those first months when they entered the world being caught on our camera. Nothing. Of course, we have mostly been living away from family so there are very few people who have photos of them at these early ages. And my online Kodak account expired and deleted all the photos I was posting years ago.

This is the day I curse digital photography and myself in the same breath.

Don't let this happen to you. Hopefully it's not the complete story.

In honor of hope for a restored back-up here are some of this month's favorites I thankfully had in my camera.

{zane sad because evan [sick]}