In college I had a poster of Shaun White hanging in my bathroom. Not because I felt he was attractive to look at, he sort of resembles Carrot Top in my mind. Regardless, he is quite a talented young man. He inspired me to work hard at all I was doing at that time in my life. I was happy for his sucess at something he had passion for, even winning Olympic medals in both snowboarding and skateboarding. The poster of him remineded me that I could be good at my interests if I put effort into it. Be it school work, my job, or snowboarding.
I am happy for musicians that get into producing or something else to make a living at when they can't sell so many records anymore. I am likewise happy for Shaun for getting into the clothing industry so that one day when his tired bones aren't so quick at what they call extreme sports he might have something else creative to put his talents into that will allow for him to make a steady income.

In sum, he's got some cool threads at Target for little boys. Check it out.

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