Every time I watch a Michael Moore film I am struck by how inspired I am. I am impressed that he has found a talent and a successful way of getting his passion expressed in a way/ specific method that reaches so many and in such a powerful way.

It gets me wondering what passions I have, what movements I stand for that I have yet to learn about. What changes will I insist need to happen in my lifetime, there seem to be so many important and urgent causes I feel paralyzed by them all and uncertain where to begin. And what is the beginning. Learning? Reading? Talking to people about their projects that move them into action? Finally folding that laundry pile and getting the kid to school on time? Oh yeah, baby steps.

Upon discussing these feelings with Mike, we found the passion has to come first, then the guts you throw into making something happen comes next. I'm ready to start marching, but I have no idea what goes on my sign.

I guess I feel so dormant waiting to figure out when the season in my life will arrive that I don't feel so maxed out to throw more of myself into another important thing for humanity (in addition to raising children). Or am I below my potential now and just need some of that passion triggered to get myself spread a little more than I am comfy to get going? I know I have what it takes to make something big happen for the right reasons and the dedication to put my all into something. But what? And when? And how?

If nothing else right this moment I know I can move mountains if I feel strongly enough about where they need to be moved to. I'll keep looking for my mountain.